2 comments on “THE SAG VALUE OF SOFT CONTACT LENSES: .The science behind soft contact lens fittings! _____ Do you fit or do you select soft contact lenses?

  1. A I can see in many years, very often we can fix the low sag only giving a thickness upgrade (0.2mm to 0.4mm as total) and compensate the sulcus. Manteining the low sag could create a central optic zone pressure able to boost visus by 3-4/10 in the 50% of cases

  2. I think there is room for consideration of customization of soft lenses in many cases based upon SAG. Soft lenses are far more forgiving, so that many individuals do not require this. However, even on a daily basis, the basic soft lens wearer with an average K and larger than average corneal diameter may appreciate choosing an Air Optix (14.2 mm) over an Air Optix Night and Day (13.8) just as an example.
    In the 20% of patients that have corneal diameters or corneal shapes that put them at the deep and shallow end of the spectrum, customization is vital if we want that patient HAPPY with their lenses and not just tolerant of them.
    We do baseline topography on all contact lens wearers, which included corneal diameter, mean K, and eccentricity. We factor all these in when we choose a lens whether it is disposable and we simply want the best option for that patient within the disposable soft lens realm, or whether it is a custom lens for the far ends of the SAG spectrum.
    Jason Jedlicka, OD, FAAO

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